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ALPHATURN Heavy Duty CNC Lathes are built to deliver High Torque at Low Speeds typically required for Large Metal removal while at the same time delivering precision as required of a CNC Lathe. The un-paralleled flexibility offered by ALPHATURN Heavy Duty CNC Lathes in work holding, tool holding; enables almost any kind of component to be turned with ease. Quick setup times enable frequent changes of components so small batches or one-off components can be machined profitably.

ALPHATURN Heavy Duty CNC Lathes are Most Suitable for

Odd shaped.jpg

Components that are Odd Shaped, Irregular Sized, Unbalanced etc:, that are not easy to be machined on competitors machines


Components which require large Spindle Bores (upto dia 340mm) with 2nd Chuck at Rear of Spindle

large dia wm.png

Large Diameter and Short Length Components which are Heavy weight and need Heavy Metal Removal


Single piece / Medium sized batch / Variety of components that require frequent change in setup or program

WhatsApp Image 2020-03-01 at 12.51.27 (1

Large Profile Square and Acme Threads that need High Torque

WhatsApp Image 2020-03-01 at

Components With Large ID Boring Operations


Components which require Heavy Grooving & Parting off


Components of Large Dia, Long Length & Heavy Weight which need Heavy Metal Removal


Components of much Higher & Consistent Accuracies and better Surface Finish as compared to Conventional Lathes and with profiles that are difficult on Conventional Lathes


Why Choose ALPHATURN Heavy Duty CNC Lathes


Over 20 years of Selling and servicing of Horizontal Bed Heavy Duty CNC Lathes has given us a deep insight into the essential characteristics required in these machines for precision performance with long life. We have utilized the knowledge acquired over this period, to not only build Robust Machines but also incorporate several user-friendly features enabling reduced fatigue for operator.

We Have What You Need:

ALPHATURN Heavy Duty CNC Lathes are available in Swing over Bed ranging from Dia 400 to 2000mm, Admit Between Centers 500 to 16000mm and Spindle Bores 52 to 340mm and Weight Carrying Capacity up to 25 Tons.


We offer High Quality Machines at Attractive Prices resulting in Great Value for the user, throughout their Product Life Cycle.

Machine Construction Philosophy

The Design and Build of ALPHATURN Heavy Duty CNC Lathes have been Stabilized over Several Decades to make them Exceptionally User Friendly and Deliver High Performance throughout their Entire Life Cycle. High Quality Input Materials are ensured by using Reputed Branded Mechanical and Electrical parts and Accessories.  The Combination of Superior Design + High Quality Input Materials + Robust Build Quality yields following benefits:

Original Accuracies for Long Life

ALPHATURN Heavy Duty CNC Lathes can be used for Longer Life Times as compared to any other make of Horizontal Bed CNC Lathes while also being better at retaining their Original Accuracies throughout their Life Cycle.

Heavy Metal Removal Capability:

Motors, Drives, Bearings, Gears, Couplings and other Transmission Devices are chosen to deliver High Torque thus ensuring High rate of Metal Removal

Minimal Maintenance Required:

ALPHATURN Heavy Duty CNC Lathes consistently require very Minimal Maintenance and retain their value better than any other brand of Horizontal CNC Lathe.


ALPHATURN Heavy Duty CNC Lathes come with Un-paralleled flexibility. Work-Holding options of Hydraulic or Manual Chucks, Steady/Follow/Colly Rests; Tool-Holding Options of Linear Tooling / 4 Position Toolpost / 8 Position Turret with a variety of Tool Holders, Options of different sizes of Spindle Bores; Un-Geared Headstock for High Spindle Speeds; Geared Headstock for High Torque; Tailstock Options of Manual / Hydraulic Quill; Fixed / Rotating Quill and Options of Hydraulic Steady Rest, Automatic Chip Conveyor etc., enables almost any kind of component to be turned with ease

Replacing Conventional Lathes

One ALPHATURN Heavy Duty CNC Lathe can replace 3 to 4 Conventional Lathes and match their productivity, while also enabling Savings in Space, Labour, Power and consumables and resulting in much Higher Profitability


ALPHATURN Heavy Duty CNC Lathes are very safe to use. Safety Features confirm to International Standards and necessary Safety Interlocks are Built-in to prevent mistakes by operators

Exceptional Support

ALPHATURN Heavy Duty CNC Lathes are sold pan India through a network of knowledgeable Sales Personnel duly backed up with Pre-Sale / Post-Sale Application Support for difficult components

Preventive Maintenance Service 

Our Legendary PMS is very popular with users. It is extensively documented and ensures that the Machine is thoroughly checked, and corrections done as required.  One Free PMS is carried out at around 6 – 8 months from date of commissioning. After warranty period, PMS support is offered at cost

After Sale Service and Spare Parts

We provide well-structured Training to your Operator during Machine Commissioning. A team of Qualified and well-Trained Service Personnel provides Quick Service and Technical support. All necessary Spares are stocked at our plant at Bangalore

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