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HCH 950-B6 Horizontal CNC Heavy duty lathes machine by Alphaturn

HCH 660-B4

  • All major castings are grade 25 castings.

  • Main spindle - High torque inverter motor along with Heavy duty VFD.

  • Bed guideways - Induction hardened to 400-450 BHN and precision ground.

About Us

Performance oriented heavy duty CNC lathe manufacturer in Bangalore,  with 30+ years of experience in CNC machine manufacturing. Alphaturn CNC turning solutions are used by industry leaders in sectors such as Oil and gas, Forgings, Machine manufacturing, agriculture machining, and Crane manufacturing. Our machines are capable of saving setup time to produce turned mechanical components with precision.
Perfect for high volume as well as small batch production units. Machines have been designed to perfection for accommodating a variety of sizes and shapes of jobs which can be turned easily working with companies across the globe in Japan, Korea, and Spain has given us deep Knowledge about the real ground problems for manufacturing heavy duty turning and products.
As a result of which we at SriYantra started manufacturing CNC lathes to solve real world customer problems faced by machinists on the shop floor. 
After supplying and installing 10,000+ CNC machines across India. We still look forward to solving machining challenges to save time for our customers.

Our Products

HCS 400 and  460 Horizontal CNC Heavy duty lathes machine by Alphaturn

HCS 400 and 460

A performance oriented horizontal CNC lathe machine manufactured at our Bangalore facility. The machines are capable of turning products with applications in industries such as Submersible Rotor, stators, shafts, agriculture equipment, and motor shafts.
The machine is capable of high spindle speed and equipped with high torque inverter motors to process jobs that need good cutting power.

Horizontal CNC Heavy duty-Customised Lathes-HCH-C 630, HCH-C 800 & HCH-C 9100

HCH-C 630, 800 and 910

Are you looking for heavy duty CNC lathes for a custom job? Alphaturn by SriYantra Engineers is capable of producing product-oriented CNC lathes built to perfection as per your requirements with you. HCH-C 630,800 and 910 are made to order customized CNC lathe machines design to deliver high torque at low RPM.

HCB 900 Horizontal CNC Heavy duty lathes machine by Alphaturn

HCB 900

Big bore CNC lathe with geared drive headstock with capacity of highly precision machining designed for all your large size heavy duty jobs. This heavy duty CNC machine is manufactured to be tough and have maximum stability during long production hours.

Manual lathes CNC Heavy duty lathes machine by Alphaturn

Manual lathes 

The Original classic manual lathe manufactured in India with a solid casting base to deliver power and accuracy. Our manual lathes are designed to cater heavy and extra heavy duty jobs.


CNC lathes machine Application by Alphaturn

Components which require large Spindle Bores (upto dia 340mm) with 2nd Chuck at Rear of Spindle.

Horizontal CNC Heavy duty lathes machine Application by Alphaturn

Single piece / Medium sized batch / Variety of components that require frequent change in setup or program.

Horizontal CNC stepless lathes machine Application by Alphaturn

Components that are Odd Shaped, Irregular Sized, Unbalanced, etc. that are not easy to be machined on competitors machines.

Horizontal CNC Heavy duty lathes machine Application by Alphaturn

Components which require Heavy Grooving & Parting off.


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