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 Alphaturn company history


Alphaturn by SriYantra Engineers a CNC lathe manufacturer is backed by 30 years of experience from SriYantra engineers. Our journey from importer to the manufacturer has been enticing for us as an organization.

We are an expert CNC lathe manufacturer in Bangalore focused on creating value by producing performance oriented CNC machines that are designed to save time and achieve high finish dimensionally accurate products. In-house team of experts which consist of designers and machinist helps us provide client based dedicated solutions. Establishing our brand as a manufacturer of heavy duty CNC lathes with options for applications based customization was a turning point for us. 

Our growth as a company is pillared by customer success and feedback. As we focused on solving customer problems keeping customer products at the center.

Our long term vision remains to create high performance turning solutions for our customers globally.

assembly line image by Alphaturn

SriYantra Assembly line

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